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On the piss in NYC guide

Alright, because I'm sick of  muppets on WHO and KUMB etc. asking what to do in NYC, I'd thought I would have a section where I would give some recommendations. Bare in mind, these are MY recommendations and I'm a sick bitter twisted individual, so don't cry if you don't like them. Any other NY hammers feal free to add some sugeestions of your own.  

Monday Nights - Heavy Manner Monday's at the Raven Cafe at 194 Avenue A.  Best old school ska and reggae night in the city.


Thursday Nights - Metro, upstairs at the historic Pyramid,  101 Avenue A is a brilliant  80's new wave night. Downstairs is "Cybertron", hard thumping industrial and EBM.


Friday Nights - Sundown at the Remote Lounge, 327 Bowery. New Wave, Industrial, Synthpop, EB, Darkwave


Saturday Nights - Albion-Batcave at 251 West 30th street. Great party with up to 4 dance floors open, gothic, industrial, 80's, synthpop, EBM, darkwave.


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