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Cockney Hammer's Badge Corner

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The Second Installment of Steve's Hammer Badges


GKS Belchatow

(pronounced belahatoff)


Country: Poland


League: Ekstraklasa


Formed in 1977


Stadium name GKS


They have no major honours.


Nickname is gornicy trojkolorwi which means miners, same as Gornik Zabrze.


Home colours: green and black


Away colours: red and white


Famous player: Krystov Bernstein


Official website:


Club History


As you can see, the club was formed as a professional club in 1977. Their rise through the divisions has been a story that mirrors Wimbeldon's in england though without the shit football!!!


They entered division 4 in 1977 took four years to gain promotion to the third division seven years to get in to division two and finally  in 1992 they gained promotion in to the top flight, the ekstraklasa.


The first badge is an eagles league badge, so far i have no idea what the eagles league was.
A very beautiful badge has a golden eagle at the top of the badge sitting on a football a round set of gold laurels with the club crest of belchatow in the middle.


(Comment from Thors, I bet Paulo would fancy this one)


The second badge is a small crest of belchatow has a sort of glass finish to the badge and has a press clip on the back.


This is one smashing badge! it is a limited edition of a 100 and i am fortunate to have got my hands on one! but do not let the wife no how much it cost me!!!!
Again it is the club crest of the club but the right hand side is in gold (gilt) with a rasied football in gilt the scan does not do the badge the justice it deserves! a cracking small badge has a press stud on the back.


Badge 4 is a club crest with a sort of glass finish in the top right hand corner is the words lat which in polish means years with the number 20 on ie twenty years of the club.
The Polish and the Czechs like to issue these sort of badges yet in england the only time we honour a club is when it is a club's centenary.


The 5th badge is a very rare one it goes back to the formation of the club in 1977 again it is a needle badge with a round design.
It has a green outer with the words gorniczy klub sportowy (gks) belchatow. at the bottom there is a pair of crossed hammers.
The middle of the badge is a round circle in black with the words gks belchatow rok zal 1977 year formed.
I am told I am lucky to have this in my collection as this is very hard to get now and is much sought after.


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